Business Disputes and contracts. Advice related to all relevant matters while doing business in Argentina.

Corporate and Tax Law Advice for Argentine Companies. Local Business Formation and Registration in Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires or elsewhere; Argentine Internal Revenue Service Filings; Incorporations in Latin America and South America. Tax Compliance Services and Statutory Requirements while doing business in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Remedial Actions Required and Costs Associated with Remedies and Non Compliance Implications.

Shareholder Background Check.  Argentine Corporate Compliance and Company Health Background Search (rgentine Legal Entity Data, Name, Type, Date and Place of Incorporation in Argentina, Registration Numbers, Tax ID, Status, Registered Address, Ultimate Beneficial Owner, Country of Incorporation, Corporate Documents, Officers, Management & Directors, Signing Authority, Date of Appointment and Expiration, Resolution, Minutes, Powers of Attorney in File, Date of Execution, Name and Title of Officer,  Number of Shares Held, Fiscal Year End, Auditor Appointment Registered, Most Recent Annual General Meeting, Filing Due Dates for Financial Statements, Annual General Meeting & Other Annual Filings).

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