Our Service philosophy.

When we founded the law firm, we were determined to move away from some of the traditional models of how “big law firms” usually work.  These law firms still rely on the outdated model based on ‘billable-hours’, which in our view directly discourages efficient or quick results, given its natural predilection for billing the maximum number of hours for every matter, which leads to having a reward even for creating problems.

These new service and value based methods and technologies have considerably increased efficiency and productivity and have also made things easier for clients.

We have confirmed over the years that this maximizes the outcome.  As a result, our clients get more of want they expect from a law firm:  effective result-oriented work; direct personal attention, with open and easy communication; and –to sum up–  attainable concrete solutions.


Our billing policy is in perfect harmony with the service philosophy described above.  As a result, we are proud to be able to provide a fair and competitive fee proposal.

Our policy is flexible, so as to adapt to the changing particular needs of each of our clients.  Thus, we contemplate the following billing alternatives:

* Contingent fee: As the best example of a result-oriented approach, a success fee is an available alternative, either as an exclusive or combined policy. The percentage of the success fee can even be adjusted, depending on the magnitude of the results, thus totally aligning the Firm’s interests with those of the client.

* Monthly lump sum (abono). It is an amount estimated as a monthly average of the professional time spent on the client’s affairs. It is particularly suitable for businesses, allowing optimization of legal fees and foreseeability for budgetary purposes.

* A fixed fee. It is a total sum calculated for a particular work entrusted by the client. This amount can be payable in installments, depending on the duration of the services hired.

* Estimate or Maximum fee. Considering the magnitude of the entrusted work, fees can be calculated by stages.

* Hourly basis. We keep a detailed record of time spent on each matter (Time-sheet).

Our fees are invoiced, at the client’s choice, on a monthly or quarterly basis, or when the work is completed.

Also, depending on the circumstances of the particular case, we can discuss any other alternative that better fits our clients’ needs.

Fair and reasonable determination.

Our Law Firm determines the fees considering:

– The complexity of the matter;

– The time and resources dedicated;

– The seniority of the involved professionals;

– The entrusted responsibilities, in light of the amounts at stake and results;

– The special circumstances of each case, in relation to time constraints and way of implementation.


The expenses incurred in relation to our clients’ matters are reimbursable on a monthly basis, with detailed rendition of accounts.

Expenses are limited to those strictly necessary, and do not include any mark-up or gain of any nature.