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Legal Advice on Purchase, Sell, Buy, Rent and Lease of Real Estate in Buenos Aires and all over Argentina. Argentine Legal Advice to Real Estate Brokers, Notaries, Appraisers and Realtors. Learn more…

Dispute resolution

Our litigation and dispute resolution practice encompasses all stages of conflict and resolution.  This practice group brings experience, skills and practical thinking to achieve the client goals. Learn more…

Other areas

Some others of our most active practice areas are Insolvency Law, Probate Law, Corporate Law, Labor Law, Agribusiness and Banking Law.

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Meet Our Attorneys 

  • Alejandro Breit

    Alejandro Breit

    Alejandro Juan Pablo Breit
    Managing Partner
    He graduated from the University of Buenos Aires cum laude in 1999, and pursued postgraduate studies in bankruptcy law (2004) and consumer protection law (2010), among  others. He is a C.P.A.

  • Maximiliano Victor Ezequiel Breit

    Maximiliano Victor Ezequiel Breit

    Maximiliano Victor Ezequiel BREIT
    Senior Partner
    He graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora in 2007. He has been fighting for national and international clients’ rights ever since.

  • Leandro Alan Ivan Breit

    Leandro Alan Ivan Breit

    Leandro Alan Ivan BREIT
    Senior Partner
    He graduated from the Universidad del Museo Social in 2007.

    Since then, he has devoted his practice to Industrial and Intellectual Property matters, Foreclosures, and Financial and Investment Law.

  • Other associates and strategic partners

    Other associates and strategic partners

    Our Law firm counts with a group of lawyers to boost the team work, depending on the client’s needs.


I had the pleasure to work with Alejandro in a legal case in Argentina. The experience working with him was outstanding. He demonstrated an excellent capability to understand the big picture of the case. He was acurate in finding the right argument substantiated by law and jurisprudence. His negotiation capability was remarkable and efficient bringing the case to a complete success. The interaction with company representatives, mediator and complaints demonstrate great skills to turn complex argumentation into simple, objective and persuasive dialog and closing. He is a person who communicate extremelly well in all aspects. His understanding and deep knowledge of the law makes me be confortable to recommend him as an excellent and high performance lowyer for commercial litigation. I have learned a lot with him and his team.   Thank you Alejandro for the results of the case and the classes given to me on negotiation and skills to overcome objections. I highly recomment Alejandro.
Tebet NettoLatin America Business Center ManagerDow CorningCampinas, Sao Paulo, Brasil

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